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This product normally leaves our warehouse 
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Track Listing.... 
1. Psycho City Blocks / Psycho Interlude
2. Showdown 
3. Big Payback, The 
4. Premonitions 
5. Interlude / Stone Garden / Interlude 
6. Temporary Insanity 
7. Doors Intro / Confessions Of A Drug Addict 
8. Who Are You Interlude / Bullets 
9. Love Letters Intro / Love From The Sick Side 
10. R. U. Experienced / Outro 
11. Psyclones 
12. Lost Cities 
13. La Conecta Intro / La Conecta (Pt. 1) 
14. La Conecta (Pt. 2) / Goin' In Circles Outro

First Of All I Want To Get A Few Things Clear Because After Reading A Few Of The Reviews It Is Quite Obvious That Most People Are Not Aware Of What Psycho Realm Are About And Are Posting Statements About Them Which Are Completly Untrue, For Starters: 1. Psycho Realm Are Not A Spin Off Of Cypress Hill, They Are Two Brothers With Superior Talent And B Real Wanted To Be Part Of Them Because They Carried That Hunger And Social Awareness Which I Believe He Thought That Cypress Hill Did Not Have Anymore Or Necessarily Concentrated On. 2.Dj Muggs Did Not And I Repeat, Did Not Produce Any Of The Tracks On This Album, Only On One Song Which Was Produced By A Member Of Soul Assassins Which Muggs Is A Part Off, But He Was Not Involved. The Beats Were Produced By Sick Jacken Himself And Some Were Co Produced By B Real. This Album Carrys The Sort Of Lyrics Which Are Hard To Hear From Rappers These Day's, It Cannot Be Stressed How Much This Group Is Underated, They Describe The Dangers Of The Streets Of La In Particular Their District Of Pico Union In Such A Vibrant And Detailed Way That Upon Listening To Them You Can Almost Picture The Social Depravation Which Plagues Their Streets. I Am Not Going To Start Telling You About Individual Songs On Here Because The Truth Is That Every Song On This Album Is Relevant, There Are No Fillers Here. The Beats Are Some Of The Best I Have Ever Heard And That Is Not An Overstatement, Not Only That But They Are Also Quite Original And It Seems That The Beat Selection Was Made Just For Them, They Are Quite Dark And Rugged But Never Do They Suffer From Same Beat Syndrome And They Are All Serious Headnodders. This Group Deserves More Attention Than They Get And I Urge People To Check Them Out, I Am Not Claiming That They Are The Best Ever But They Are A Testament To What True Hip Hop Stand's For And Can Claim With Their Head Held High That They Represent The Westcoast. Their Other Two Albums A War Story And War Story Book 2 Which Came After This Are Also As Good If Not Better Than This One So If You Can Get A Hold Of Them Also, I Strongly Recommend It. Don't Sleep On This Group, If You Are Into Serious Good Hip Hop And Not Hip Pop Then Get This Otherwise You Are Missing Out.

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