The Psycho Realm

Psycho Realm - War Story Book 2 - Autographed by Sick Jacken (not on the site)

A War Story Book II is the third studio album by American hip hop group Psycho Realm, and possibly their final album due to Duke's paralyzation. Although Duke was paralyzed when the album was released, they had about half of the album finished before Duke was shot.

  • Original packing with full pages inside booklet
  • This cd is authentically signed by Sick Jacken himself

1. Street Terrorism
2. The Enemy Strikes Back
3. Wasted
4. The Killing Fields - Ft Street Platoon
5. Art Of Execution
6. Palace Of Exile
7. First Day Of Freedom
8. Poison Rituals
9. Unknown Soldier
10. Soul Sacrifice
11. Dysfunctional
12. Good Times
13. Lifestyle
14. Concrete Jungles - Ft Crow (of Street Platoon)
15. Gun Control - Ft Cynic (of Street Platoon

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