The Psycho Realm

Psycho Realm - War Story Book 1 - Autographed by Sick Jacken

A War Story Book I is the second studio album by American hip hop group Psycho Realm. Unlike their first album this was released under their own Sick Symphonies label. This CD only contains one song with B-Real, unlike their first CD where B-Real was on most of the songs.

  • Original packing with full pages inside booklet
  • This cd is authentically signed by Sick Jacken himself

1. The Crazy Area
2. Order Through Chaos
3. Pico-Union District
4. Enemy Of The State
5. Conspiracy Theories
7. Earthquake Weather
8. The Wind Of Revolution
9. Moving Through Streets
10. Street Platoons
11. Sick Dogs
12. Show Of Force

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