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Disciples Of The Sick CD

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Disciples of the sick are an up and coming group created by Big Duke of The Psycho Realm. The members are Big Duke (Pico Union), Test (DTLA), Bet One (NELA), SP Noza (Echo Park), Eggroll (IE), Philieano (LBC), DJResyOne (10West) and Geo aka The God Kibyrum (Chile)..
Track Listing
1. Psychopaths
2. Deception
3. Devils Playground
4. Disciples Anthem
5. Mind Control Warfare - Ft. Sick Jacken
6. Never Felt The Pain
7. Sick World
8. Smile Now
9. Mayhem
10. Torture
11. Ultraviolence
12. When We All Die
13. Death March

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