The Psycho Realm


GOBLIN/AD 12 INCH VINYL FORMATE. This is a pre order, only 100 made

  • Original packing with full color vinyl packaging
  • Side b carries the instrumentals (only available on the vinyl)
  • Collectors edition - those wont be printed no more once they are gone
  • Out of Print
  • From the original press, not re pressed
  • Original Packing 
  • Rare and no longer made 
  • Low in stock, only 100 made collectors edition
Side A

1. Bob Lazar
2. Goblin
3. Everything That Moves prod. by Sick Jacken
4. 1992
5. Full Circle
6. Hammer N Sickle

Side B
1. Bob Lazar (instrumental)
2. Goblin (instrumental)
3. Everything That Moves prod. by Sick Jacken (instrumental)
4. 1992 (instrumental)
5. Full Circle (instrumental)
6. Hammer N Sickle (instrumental)

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